Talks & Training

"All my talks are highly adaptable and can be tweaked to suit whatever audience you have in mind and for whatever time frame you require. Just e-mail me using the Contact page to discuss your requirements or any other queries you may have."

The Evolution of Visual Literacy

Plus the Evolution of the Modern Comic Book

An overview of how storytelling has relied on the use of pictures (drawings, paintings, tapestries, etc.) since the dawn of time, and in all four corners of the globe. The talk also clarifies the role that comics/graphic novels/manga play in this essential element of humanity. 

It also features a deeper analysis (in which the audience is encouraged to take part) of the evolution of comics via a particularly famous American superhero character over the last 75 years. If being presented specifically to librarians or teachers, there is also an advice and tips section at the end. 

For: Students of any age, Librarians or Teachers. 

Reading for Pleasure

Including the Role of Comics in Getting Children Reading

A presentation that gets students reading and thinking about comics as the talk is progressing! Students (and hopefully staff) will analyse how comics actually work, and their own wider attitudes to reading-for-pleasure as a concept, plus its potential for self-improvement. Lots of audience participation guaranteed! Also includes the famous Have I Got Comics For You? quiz. 

For: Students of any age.

Comic Covers Workshop

A workshop for creating striking and original comic cover artwork. Includes an initial analysis of several different techniques and styles frequently used by comic artists and comics publishers, alongside exciting examples. Works very well when a common theme is adopted for the group. Pencils, felt tips and paper - plus fertile imaginations - required! 

For: Students of any age

Graphic Novels Shopping List

A workshop revealing the best way to sieve through the millions of graphic novels out there and procure age-appropriate books for your school. The best way to buy the hottest AND coolest graphic novels for your school with the minimum of stress and worry! Get value for money and increased borrowing figures by tapping into this often-ignored storytelling medium.

For: Librarians, Teachers and Students creating a list of "must haves" for their library.

Self-Discovery Using The ArSc Scale

A presentation aimed at new school librarians making their way in the world! Or those who’d just appreciate a few tips and a bit of guidance and/or validation! The ArSc Scale is a light-hearted tool of self-analysis which allows you to clarify what sort of librarian you currently are and what sort of librarian you want to be. Strengths and weaknesses will be analysed (in a non-judgemental way!) and participants will be encouraged to fully analyse their own approach to librarianship, what they personally believe is most important to them, to their students and to their school. Areas covered will be library design, library usage, marketing the library within the school and behaviour management. Everyone belongs somewhere on the ArSc Scale… and there’s no wrong place to be.

For: School Librarians.